Volunteer Leadership

Here are some tips to help you become engaged with the university as a Volunteer Leader:

  1. Let Chaminade know you are interested in being involved as a volunteer leader. Contact Geraldine Allen, Director of Alumni Engagement and Annual Giving, for more information on leadership roles that might be right for you. Also, consider joining Chaminade boards and committees that look for established volunteers.
  2. Be visible. Participate in alumni and university events.
  3. Be consistent in your service. Take your volunteer role seriously. Successful volunteer leaders are dedicated and dependable contributors to the mission of Chaminade. Share your knowledge, experience and your connections with campus organizations.
  4. Make sure we know about your community volunteer experience. Please send us an email at geraldine.allen@chaminade.edu. In your email, please include:
    • Name of organization you volunteered for
    • The name of the specific event you volunteered for
    • Your volunteer role
    • The dates of your volunteer service
  5. Include Chaminade in your giving. Every amount is greatly appreciated! Consistency in giving demonstrates your commitment to the future of Chaminade and the mission of the university. When filling a leadership role, many University organizations look at the consistency of an alum’s giving record.
  6. Partner with Aloha. We need your “kokua.” Be a class representative and help us create better class lists so that we are able to better connect with one another.

We’d love to hear from you! Express your interest by contacting Geraldine Allen ’08 at geraldine.allen@chaminade.edu or (808) 739-8526.